Floats Chairman - Dan Ridge

A very wide variety of types and sizes of vehicle are accepted as floats. Understandably, this is decided by the budgets of the organizations or establishments that sponsor them.

However, there must be some guidelines for judging the floats in competition for a trophy. The Parade Committee has approved the following criteria for judging:

To be eligible for winning a trophy, each float must

  • 1 Have an Irish theme demonstrated by colors, symbols, signs, music or anything that relates to the holiday.
  • 2 Be decorated as elaborately as possible rather than just containing people.
  • 3 Represent the essence of the sponsoring organization or establishment with signs, sculpture, vignettes, music or any other visual or audio media.

This is not to say that a float must conform to all these standards in order to participate in the parade but all participants are encouraged to compete for an award in the spirit of the celebration of St. Patrick's day.

The parade Marshals have the right to restrict a float from participating if they consider it to be unsafe for the riders or the spectators.

Nothing will be permitted to be thrown from a float. Each float sponsor will need to provide two people to walk on each side of the float to insure the safety of children watching the parade.

The height of the floats will be no higher than the utility lines crossing the street (13.5 Ft.) unless arrangements are made to adjust the height as they pass underneith them.

For additional information on entering a float in the parade, please send email by clicking here.